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The Perfect System Designed for You

Advanced Hydronics, Inc. custom designs every system to perfectly suit the conditions in which it will be used. 

Our in-house design build team develops heating systems that are water-based and closed loop. Most designs consist of either a mid-80% atmospheric hot water boiler or a 96% high efficiency modulating-condensing heat source. System designs include intelligent controls, single or variable speed circulating pumps, pipe work, valves, and all necessary peripheral equipment to distribute heat for a complete hot water heating system. Fully-automatic controls include integrated boiler burner operation with variable water temperature delivery based on outdoor conditions to provide a reliable and efficient system operation achieving maximum comfort. Fuel consumption can be significantly reduce by combining boiler modulation and resetting supply water temperatures based on real time outdoor conditions with a high efficiency heat source.

Equipment Facts

High Efficiency Equipment

When selecting the proper equipment we have experienced great success with the Lochinvar product line. Lochinvar provides tremendous flexibility in available boiler sizes to cover the majority of applications. Our primary heat source is the Lochinvar Knight WHN series (50,000 – 399,000 BtuH – 7 sizes available) 96% high efficiency, sealed combustion, modulating-condensing wall hung boiler. The WHN series modulates the firing rate down to 5:1 turndown (20%) of input.

When the application conditions require it we will specify multiple mod-con boilers or select a FTXL series (399,000 – 850,000 BtuH – 5 sizes available) or the largest output available in the arsenal the CREST boiler. The CREST series increases coverage from (750,000 – 5,000,000 BtuH – 10 sizes available) with model modulation ranges between 10:1 –25:1.

Control Logic

The Lochinvar product line uses a similar Digital Boiler System Control in all series listed that automatically adjust blower speed and gas flow rate to modulate boiler firing rate. The fully modulating burner is made of a 439 Grade stainless steel heat exchanger that provides self-cleaning as the condensate washes combustion residue away when streaming down the tubes resulting in constant efficiency and reduced maintenance. With the modulating capabilities it precisely matches the boiler output to the heating load requirements or DHW heating demand for greater efficiency and less cycling.

Individual boilers are equipped with an outdoor reset boiler control to monitor real-time outdoor temperatures. As outdoor temperature decreases, water temperature increases to meet the heating load of the building or residence. Water temperatures are maintained at the lowest temperature required to meet the heating demand and to satisfy the heating load. The system remains in dynamic operation responding to changing ambient conditions until outdoor temperature rises above the warm weather shut down (WWSD) point. System will be off whenever WWSD occurs due to outside temperatures above 65° F. When below 60° F, boiler will be on supplying low temperature water and when outside air temperature falls to 20° F and below, boiler will increase supply water temperatures. Thermostats and zone valves operate independently of the boiler control to allow heat to flow to the individual zones. On a call for domestic hot water production, space heating is temporarily suspended to recover the tank as quickly as possible.

DHW Indirect Tanks VS. TurboMax Reverse Indirect

The domestic hot water system consists of either a Lochinvar SIT Squire DHW indirect tank or a TurboMax reverse indirect fired water heater. Indirect DHW tanks shall be heated by a boiler to operate as a priority for domestic hot water over space heating.

When compared to the operation of a standalone gas fired water heater an indirect DHW tank can outperform on design alone. The indirect is heated by the boiler so you receive the benefit of one heat source with multiple functions and no separate tank venting requirement. Over a 24-hour period of time, a standalone gas-fired water heater will lose approximately 40% of capacity directly up the flue along with stand-by loss thru the tank jacket. Over this same time period, the well-insulated indirect tank will lose 2% of capacity or .5°F per hour which results in reduced energy. Year-round utilization of the heat source in addition to the ability to prioritize the DHW demand load and WWSD warm weather shutdown during warm weather months allows consumers the ability to make this decision rather easily.

Indirect Fired Water Heater Types:
Lochinvar Squire SIT, standard indirect-fired water heater is more efficient, has a higher recovery rate, and will exceed performance when compared to a standard water heater. Tank has a Limited Lifetime Warranty or 5-year warranty on Commercial projects.

TurboMax T-series, reverse indirect-fired water heater has a 99% heat transfer efficiency, low standby loss, higher recovery rate, and will exceed performance when compared to a standard water heater. TurboMax tanks are an excellent equipment selection for large residential DHW demands and multi-family projects. Tanks have a 10-year Warranty.

Circulating Pumps

Grundfos water lubricated circulators for radiator, radiant floors, hot water baseboard, panel radiators, and domestic hot water delivery. Circulators feature quiet, maintenance free operation, reliable long-life, and built in motor protection.

Grundfos offers multiple variable-speed wet rotor circulators to select from. The residential “Alpha” and larger project “Magna” will reduce energy consumption compared to a standard circulator. These intelligent circulators are super-efficient providing powerful – reliable – quiet operation. They are equipped with a large-front mounted easy-to-read display indicating low power consumption and circulator flow. This allows technicians to read important operational data simplifying system troubleshooting.

Both models feature “Auto-Adapt” to measure system demands automatically and maximize energy savings by operating on as little as 5 Watts power consumption. The Auto-Adapt function regularly adjusts the proportional pressure and automatically sets a more efficient performance curve whenever possible.

Multi-family and large residential installations may include an additional variable speed system circulator that will provide backup redundancy if one circulator should fail during normal operation. An internal intelligent control module provides the capability to alternate operation between the two circulators for equal run time or the ability to share the load between the two circulators.

Primary Equipment

  • Amtrol – Space heating & potable expansion tanks
  • Aprilaire – Humidifiers
  • Axiom – Condensate Neutralizer & Glycol Feeders
  • Buderus – Boilers & panel radiators
  • Centrotherm – Polypropylene venting system
  • Caleffi – Anti Scald Mixing Valve, Back flow preventer, Flow switch, Fill valve &
  • Hydro-Air separator
  • Danfoss – Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV)
  • Dianorm – Panel Radiators & Towel Warmers
  • Fernox – Water treatment products
  • Flexcon – Space heating & potable expansion tanks
  • Grundfos – Boiler & DHW circulators
  • Heat Transfer Products – Boilers & DHW tanks
  • Honeywell – Digital programmable thermostats
  • Honeywell – Wireless thermostats with receiver modules
  • Honeywell – Zone valves
  • Honeywell – Humidifiers
  • Hydrolevel – Safety & control switch
  • Johnson Controls – Safety & set-point controls
  • Lochinvar – Boilers & DHW tanks
  • McDonnel Miller – Safety controls
  • Modine – Fan coil unit heater
  • Myson – WHISPA Kick space heater
  • OCS – Cast Iron Radiators
  • Oventrop – Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)
  • Panasonic – Bathroom exhaust fans
  • ROTH – Radiant floor panel or wall panel system
  • Runtal – Panel Radiators and Towel Warmers
  • Slant/Fin – FineLine 30 residential hot water baseboard
  • Slant/Fin – MultiPak 80, high-output hot water baseboard
  • Spirotherm – Spirovent Air Elimination Device
  • Taco – Boiler & DHW circulators
  • Taco – Zone valve & switching relay controls
  • tekmar – Controls
  • Triangle Tube – Prestige Solo / Excellence
  • Triangle Tube – Flat plate & pool/spa heat exchangers
  • TurboMax – Reverse indirect DHW tank
  • Turbonics – Kick space heater
  • Ultra-Fin – Heat transfer fins (Under-floor)
  • Uponor – Radiant manifolds & PEX tubing
  • Viessmann – Boilers & Solar thermal panels
  • Warmboard – Radiant Panel Floor System (Provided and installed by others)
  • Watts Radiant – Radiant manifolds & PEX tubing
  • Webstone – Circulator isolation flanges and valves
  • WILO – Boiler & DHW circulators

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